Goals WN9 is an evolution of WN8 with similar principles: It should be similarly difficult to attain the same WN9 value in any tank, played with a decent crew and with all modules unlocked. WN9 should track solo tank-adjusted winrate as well as possible. The advantage of playstyles that do not increase solo winrate should be minimised. WN9 should be linear with contribution to give a better indication of the relative value of players. These principles are not absolute and were traded against complexity of implementation.

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The bad thing is that I was not feeling good when I woke up at 6: Will require plenty of green tea at work today. I couldn’t help myself though:

Na můžete sledovat postup hráčů a klanů ve hře World of Tanks.

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Ranked Battles

M on September 28, at 6: Well well well, look what we got here. The first post I stumbled on I find Kellomies, attacking at least two other people. The eyes are read, the vein do pulse, the cheeks are filled with blood while anger spreads from heart. Anyway, I will quote something from unknown source: Anyway, taky umim mluvit hezky — no insults there, you can translate it if you do not believe me.

I call this “communist matchmaking”, quit League of Legends long ago because of this kind of mm. I was a paying customer as I am in WoT currently. But it seems i will play another game soon if I find a proper one without communist mm.

X Table of Contents This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Tanks. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained. Information This mod is a configuration for XVM: To get the most out of this configuration, please visit the XVM homepage to enable statistics and configure your settings.

A World of Tanks forum thread is available here. General Coloured stars indicating WN8 rating. Custom SixthSense image blue diod with sound. Loading screen and Scoreboard shows country players are from and some statistics number of battles, WN8, winrate. In the garage, server latency is displayed in the upper left corner and you get two lines of tanks in the carousel with extra filters and statistics for each tank matchmaking, win ratio, number of battles, average damage, mastery badge.

Shows you the damage that you have done. Damage coloured by damage type.

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I’ve been improving my gameplay in the sections that I have been bad and I in most matches can pull my weight. I wanted to write this post just for this matter. As World of Tanks is a “Free-to-Play” game it has a massive playerbase, which in my opinion is a good thing. It wouldn’t be fun if there’d be only a handful of good players and a handful of bad players trying to get good. I feel that I learn something new in almost every match and that affects how I play.

WoT has player efficiency also, which tracks hit rate, damage per battle, cap pts per battle, defence pts per battle, etc against your average tier battle. This is much better than winrate as it says how well you perform even in the lost matches.

Leave a comment Another weekend rolls on, which means another World of Tanks Special. I could be wrong, but it does feel a little higgledy-piggledy. The range of tanks is pretty good however, though there are no mediums or lights involved. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Firstly, let us look at the tanks involved.

These are split into two groups. Indeed, the ordinary HE ammo on the Somua and Hetzer is more than adequate to ruin the lives of the tanks these will come up against. For those worried about these sort of tanks losing effectiveness after the HEAT change in 8. The Hummel is my favourite SPG currently, but given my relatively limited arty play that is not saying much.

All the same I think all these lower tier tanks are worth playing. That may change this weekend. For me though the KV-2 is, in some respects, the star of the show. If ever there were a tank that embodied total destruction is the KV-2 with the howitzer.

Erweiterte Spielerstatistik berechnen: WN7, WN8, Effizienz:

You can refresh your charts and tables any time with one simple click on “Get New Data” button. My experience was the World of Tanks game client sends statistics to the web service when you connect or disconnect to world of tanks server. So if the game has crashed, opening WOT is synchronises the battle results too. What kind of tables and charts are on this page? At top left there is Statistics table and right to it a Top 10 table.

Sep 18,  · Newcomers Forum: New players zone, ask questions and keep it relevant to WOT Blitz!

This is my take on new-ish games that are either out of due to be released. Please rate, comment and share with people. Tuesday, 25 February A Look On: The information gathered is as follows: Of each match I played there is a picture to accompany each statistic relating to the game played. At the end there will be a small part that will show everything taken into account. This is one of a few tests as the next parts will be to do the same with a 2 man platoon and the next with a 3 man platoon.

Balanced teams in number of tiers. All enemy tanks destroyed. Spawned on the defending team. Mali assault not balanced IMO.

Object 279 (e) • OP TANK #1 • WoT Gameplay

WN9 candidate prototype RichardNixon posted a topic in Mathematics Corner Introduction This is a WN9 candidate based on an idea of bjshnog’s from a few months back, shortly before I quit forums to finish another project. WG are still ignoring requests to add assisted damage to the API, so it’s not ideal, but I think it’s still a sufficient improvement to be worth posting.

The general idea is that instead of using a full set of expected values for each tank, you have a single set per matchmaking type, or in a simplified version, per tier. Per-tank adjustment is only added at the last stage. The principle for what it’s worth is that the value of a point of damage, frag or spot towards winning the game is the same regardless of which tank you’re driving. The practical differences are small for most tanks, but there are significant effects on the two problem classes:

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Are there any plans for balancing certain game mechanics, such as RNG, or physics? The game is going to feel quite a bit different. Can you please post and pin a description of how the matchmaker works? Yeah, we can definitely do an article on it. The T for example was sold twice in after being unavailable for more than a year on Xbox. We started out kind of following the PC model and we made a ranking of how rare certain tanks were.

So when you have tanks coming out 9 month to a year you have a lot of people missing an opportunity to buy them, so we should probably shot those times. Is it possible we can have Playstation and Xbox play together? Please stop asking me and file petitions to them. Can you tell us what the focus is for ? If you follow the Xbox blog you might have seen an announcement about us working with them, and their tournament support coming around the end of March.

Status Report

Ranked Matchmaking is Coming The next major update will add a ranked matchmaking feature to the game. This mode is aimed at experienced players who want to play in a more competitive environment and know their matchmaking rating MMR. Dota 2 matchmaking has always calculated MMR and used it to form matches; in ranked matchmaking we make that MMR visible.

Jul 26,  · If the playstyle variation (damage+frags vs winrate) is similar to WoT, you’d use mostly winrate beyond battles but mostly damage+frags at battles. It’s all terrible unless the expected values are good though.

Custom SixthSense image blue diod with sound. Loading screen and Scoreboard shows country players are from and some statistics number of battles, WN8, winrate. In the garage, server latency is displayed in the upper left corner and you get two lines of tanks in the carousel with extra filters and statistics for each tank matchmaking, win ratio, number of battles, average damage, mastery badge. Shows you the damage that you have done. Damage coloured by damage type. Minimap White rectangle indicating drawing distance.

You won’t see anything past this line. Green circle indicating your view range. Red circle indicating maximum shooting distance for SPG and low tier low calibre guns. Health bars updated only when enemies are visible to you Spotted indicators for enemies. Configuration For this mod to work in an optimal way, you should configure the following in game general settings like this: ON Show vehicle markers on Battle Score panel: ON Display camera direction beam on the minimap: Never A screenshot is available of the above settings as well.

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