If you happened to purchase a knife that is a no-go, you can always carry it around in your pocket instead of on your belt—if no one can see it, it is OK. A tactical knife must be black or colored in a way that reduces shine. You do not want a glossy coat or a bright color. Once again, bright colors are a no-go and you will be forced to place them in your pocket. You can get a fixed blade or a folding blade knife but drawing a fixed blade knife is always faster than a folder. Also, since you can attach your knife to your webbing, it just makes more sense to get a fixed blade—you can get some really long fixed blades whereas folders are limited in blade length.

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It’s not Fat Tuesday but we do have some Fat deals today. Thanks and have a blessed day. Proudly employing military veterans. Case knives are among the most collectible blades in the world. And what does it mean when your knives are the most sought-after products on the market? It means that every Case XX knife is stamped with a symbol of quality that is as enduring as the brand’s plus year history.

The American Tomahawk Company, LLC of Washington State (ATC), a specialty manufacturer of modern hand axes, has commercially sold thousands of its Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk hand-axes to U.S. Armed Services Personnel for almost three years.

They originated in India as tools for gameplay and were commonly made from stone, glass or clay. Handmade glass marbles were first produced in Germany around German mass production of marbles began around with American production following in the s. Inexpensive marbles flooded the markets in the s, and the older handmade marbles gained new popularity as collectors’ items. There are several simple ways to determine the age of your marble collection. Evaluate your marble collection in detail.

Most new, mass-produced marbles are distinguished by an inner colored streak resembling a cat’s eye — this is a telltale sign that your marbles are not very old.

Dating Marbles Knives: Help Please

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c M.S.A. MARBLES SAFETY AXE CO Safety Hunting Knife. Sold for: Rare original Marbles Folding Knife. The knife is estate fresh as found untinked original. The knife is very old – I do not know the exact dating on it but I purchased it from an 84 year old woman who told me that this was her Father’s Knife. I know little about knives.

Robert Harris Version Date: January 5, You’ll remember the five creative methods we discussed in the Introduction to Creative Thinking: Many classic creative thinking techniques make use of one or more of these methods. Note in this section that the goal is to produce a good quantity and a good quality of new ideas and solutions so that the best ones may be chosen. Exactly how those ideas are generated is less important than the ideas themselves.

Remember, the goal is more important than the path. Brainstorming Alex Osborn, advertising writer of the fifties and sixties, has contributed many very powerful creative thinking techniques. Brainstorming is probably the best known and certainly one of the most powerful. For a fuller treatment, see his book, Applied Imagination. Brainstorming is an idea generating technique. Its main goals are 1 to break us out of our habit-bound thinking and 2 to produce a set of ideas from which we can choose.

No one wants to have a choice of only one product when buying detergent or cars, so why have a choice of only one solution when working on a problem? Basic Guidelines for Brainstorming Brainstorming is useful for attacking specific rather than general problems and where a collection of good, fresh, new ideas rather than judgment or decision analysis are needed.

For example, a specific problem like how to mark the content of pipes water, steam, etc.

Classic Knife Review: Camillus Model 1760 “Demo” Knife

At various times during my career in the Army and the Marine Corps I carried most of the knives mentioned above but there was one knife that I carried throughout the entire time that was the unsung hero and full-tilt workhorse of the whole crowd. The term Demo Knife is an affectionate but completely inappropriate and dangerously inaccurate nickname bestowed on a knife manufactured for the US Military by Camillus Knives and made entirely of stainless steel.

Decades ago, the rumor got started that because the knife in question was stainless steel, it was non-magnetic and therefore could be used to de-activate mines without setting them off. Regardless of the persistence of this rumor, the steel used to make the knives is indeed magnetic.

Vintage Buck Lockback Folding Pocket Knife u s a no Reserve, Vintage Buck Lockback Folding Pocket Knife u s a no Reserve, Vintage Buck Knife The Empress Trio Royalty Line Kitchen Knife Set, Old Vintage Buck Made In Usa 2 Blade Trapper Knife N box Lqqk, Vintage Old Pocket Knikes Buck ka Bar bear Hunter imperials barlow And 3 More, Vintage Buck Titanium With .

The name “KA-BAR” came to be after the company received a poorly written English letter in which the author wrote how the company’s knife saved his life after he was attacked by a bear and his gun failed to kill it. New designs were sought from hunting gear catalogs. Marines bought many different knives and designs from a large number of knife suppliers. After extensive trials under field conditions, the KA-BAR fighting knife was found to be the most popular among troops because it was adequate for most tasks demanded by a combat soldier.

The Marine Corps made several changes to the original design, these included the introduction of a small fuller to make a slightly longer but lighter blade for combat, a pinned pommel and a stacked leather handle for better grip. The blade, guard, and pommel were all finished in a non-reflective matte phosphate finish instead of the brightly polished steel of the original design.

Vintage Star Head Light & Lantern Co. Electric Lamp Pat. Pending Rochester, NY

David is a 2nd generation auctioneer and has over 25 years of auction experience. David has extensive knowledge in all areas of antiques and collectibles including sports memorabilia, coins, books, list more here. He conducts benefit auctions for organizations large and small. Lindsay has accomplished numerous career achievements during his nearly two-decades as a full-time auctioneer. In , he was elected President of the Michigan Auctioneers Association.

Lindsay has written over published articles for auction industry publications on antiques, collectibles, sales and marketing strategies.

Feb 23,  · I love the look of the Treeman knives. The only thing that has kept me from purchasing one is my appreciation of the more traditional knives that are able to be defined by their era of manufacture. With Ruana, Marbles, Case, and of course Randall, you always have a .

Lo and behold, a new Viking burial has come up on Papa Westray, only months after a boat burial came up in the same area. Knowledge of both sites had been kept under wraps by archaeologists, in order to deter treasure hunters- but now they can be discussed openly as some information is in the public domain.

According to reports, the latest burial is a male, possibly buried in a crouched position with a sword. Another, earlier burial has also recently come up in the same area, as well as the aforementioned Viking boat burial, leading to the possibility that his could represent a multi-period cemetery. Archaeological investigations are ongoing as I write.

Further results are expected with relish; and who knows, there could be an animal sacrifice or two in amongst them- the area has previous form for producing evidence of Viking sacrifice…. The cemetery at Pierowall was dug in a rather mish-mash fashion in the mid to late 19th century, and much information regarding the graves that were found there is unfortunately lost.


Hard statistics are scarce, of course, but the Buck has probably field-dressed more game than any other single knife of the last half-century. Overview Buck has sold millions of s, and millions of words have been written about them. Blade The Folding Hunter wears a 3. The blade uses plain HC stainless steel,which in most applications is a so-so performer at best.

Here are mysterious ancient stone circles, case dating and his grandfather rudy ruana started making knives and model number of the pistol grip gully knife. Wasted money on the knife was dated later. Al mar knives and appropriate age of the dating marbles knife.

Liked 5, Times in 1, Posts chief, I’ll copy the pertinent information from the book I have: After the patent was granted, the blade stamp changed to Pat’d. The patent ran out in However, judging from the scarcity of marked specimens, it does not appear the mark went much beyond Thumb rest styling changed from the original checkering to a fine file back circa , a comb back circa and finally to no thumb rest in New Century production.

Having examined this material in detail now, I’m afraid we still can’t get any closer than the timeframe, at least from the information presented in the book I have.

Marbles Hunting knife