The standard format — chin-stroking editorials representing the anonymously expressed views of the institution, opinion columns by staff writers and outside contributors, letters to the editor, and a cartoon — has been unchanged for decades. Clegg , a veteran Globe journalist who replaced Peter Canellos after he left for Politico, has presided over a vibrant print redesign, the expansion of digital content, an innovative interactive feature on gun violence, and even a parody front page of what a Donald Trump presidency would look like. In an era when we all feel overwhelmed by a flood of information, Clegg is showing how editorial pages can cut through the noise and force readers to take notice. Our lightly edited email exchange follows. Where did the idea for an editorial like this come from? To cut through the clatter, we added new op-ed voices and tried new forms of editorial writing: We wanted to step back and take stock, and to look forward at the same time. The editorial board met periodically during the year to develop ideas and discuss how we were doing against our goals.

‘Boston Globe’ Columnist McDonough Dies

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California firefighters blast back at Trump Former Marine helping others as Navy psychologist Old Glory under attack Caller threatens two Boston gay bars.

A versatile sports writer, Fitzgerald covered every sport for the newspaper for 17 years. He wrote his highly acclaimed sports column since , taking over upon the retirement of veteran columnist Harold Kaese. Fitzgerald won the Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year Award an unprecedented 11 times. Known for his tongue-in-cheek humor, his columns were dotted with quick quips and one-liners.

He worked for the Springfield Union 12 years before starting at the Globe in He began his career at the Schenectady Union-Star in A graduate of Westfield High School, he was a star in baseball, basketball and football. His baseball ability earned him a scholarship to Notre Dame, from which he graduated in Fitzgerald was described by a Globe sports editor as wonderful a man as he was a writer.

Boston Common

Lehrer is hardly the first ink-stained wretch to get caught making stuff up. Here are 10 memorable cases: Jayson Blair Blair resigned from The New York Times in after it was discovered he had lifted material from other papers, invented scenes and filed stories from places he had never been. Christopher Newton Newton, a reporter for The Associated Press, was fired in after the wire service discovered he made up sources for at least 40 of his stories.

Perri Klass, M.D. has been writing as a medical journalist dating back to her years as a student at Harvard Medical School in the s, when she published a series of essays, reflections on medical training, in the Hers column of The New York Times.

But nonetheless, the Globe is shutting down Crux , the standalone Catholic news site it launched in The memo, in part: We want to bring everyone up to date on a couple of digital fronts. All of it is overseen, morning to night, by editor Teresa Hanafin, who poured herself into the site, developed and edited consistently fascinating stories, and created a mix of journalism that was at once enlightening and enjoyable. Readers and industry colleagues have certainly taken note with strong traffic and awards.

The problem is the business. We in this newsroom and all around the building need to be ever more creative and willing to take risks. There will be several layoffs involved in the closing of Crux, which is our biggest regret. To the good, we plan to turn the site over to John Allen, who is exploring the possibility of continuing it in some modified form, absent any contribution from the Globe.

Teresa will be redeployed in the newsroom, most likely in an exciting new position as an early morning writer for Bostonglobe.

Boston Globe Columnist Barnicle Resigns Over Fabrication Questions

About Can’t Help Myself Every day, Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein takes on the relationship problems of thousands of dedicated readers. They look to her for wisdom on all matters of the heart—how to cope with dating fatigue and infidelity, work romances, tired marriages, true love, and true loss. In her column, she has it all figured out, but in her real life, she is a lot less certain. Whether it’s her own reservations about the traditional path of marriage and family, her difficulty finding someone she truly connects with, or the evolution of her friendships as her friends start to have their own families, Meredith finds herself looking for insight, just like her readers.

As she searches for responses to their concerns, she’s surprised to discover answers to her own.

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March 5, Crux joins a small, and growing, network of sites connected to the paper , including Boston. For newspapers like the Globe, diversification typically means finding a way to spin off parts of the existing business to niche audiences inside a geographic boundary. Crux shares a strategy more common with online publishers who want to tap digital audiences through interest areas. Crux will focus on Francis and his efforts to transform the church, but will also have features on Catholic life and culture, as well as stories that explore spirituality.

According to McGory, the Globe is invested in expanding its digital readership in topic areas that are connected to Boston, but not necessarily bound to the city. The Globe has its own history with the church, having won a Pulitzer Prize for uncovering the history of sex abuse in the Boston archdiocese.

Boston Globe Asks a Columnist to Resign

Opt out or contact us anytime ”Mike had earlier today told his editors that he never read a book by George Carlin, portions of which clearly influenced his column of last Sunday, though there was no attribution to the comedian. In light of Channel 5’s video clip showing Mike recommending Carlin’s book to viewers on June 22, it is clear that he misrepresented himself either to his television audience or his editors.

Barnicle, who is 55, said ”I’m not going to submit my resignation. Barnicle said he had told his editors the truth and had recommended the book based only on his familiarity with Mr.

At Playboy, she writes the weekly column “Just The Tips,” which takes a modern and heartfelt standpoint on manners, mores, and ethics of sex, love, and dating. She has been featured in The Washington Post and The Boston Globe.

Already under suspension, he quits after suspicions arise that he made up story about two children with cancer. August 20, From Associated Press Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle, already under suspension for lifting material from a book, resigned under pressure Wednesday amid suspicions that he fabricated a tear-jerker about two children hospitalized with cancer. Globe Editor Matthew V.

Storin’s announcement that he asked for and received Barnicle’s resignation drew cheers and laughter in the newsroom, which was sharply divided over his punishment for the earlier infraction. In June, Patricia Smith was forced out after admitting that she had fabricated characters in four of her columns. Earlier this month, the Globe came under fire for only suspending Barnicle, with black leaders and others accusing the newspaper of a double standard in essentially firing a black woman while protecting a middle-age white man.

The year columnist known for his two-fisted, workingman’s prose had been suspended for two months without pay for lifting jokes from a book by George Carlin. The latest Barnicle column to be questioned was a tale about two children–one white, one black–who became friends while hospitalized. Reader’s Digest attempted to reprint the story, but fact-checkers at the magazine determined that it was a fabrication, Globe reporters said they were told.

This week, a former Reader’s Digest editor contacted Storin, the reporters said. Barnicle claimed that he got the story from a nurse from another hospital but that he did not know her name, the Globe reporters said.

Why the ‘Hookup Generation’ Does Not Need to Learn How to Date

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On sale now! Release date April 3rd. Every day, Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein takes on the relationship problems of thousands of dedicated readers. They look to her for wisdom on all matters of the heart–how to cope with dating fatigue and infidelity, work romances, tired.

History[ edit ] The old Globe headquarters on Washington Street part of the Boston Advertiser ‘s building can be seen just to the right An advertisement for the Boston Globe from , boasting of the largest circulation of any newspaper in New England. The first issue was published on March 4, , and cost four cents. Originally a morning daily, it began a Sunday edition in , which absorbed the rival Boston Weekly Globe in By the s, The Boston Globe had become a stronghold, with an editorial staff dominated by Irish American Catholics.

In , Thomas Winship succeeded his father, Larry Winship, as editor. The younger Winship transformed The Globe from a mediocre local paper into a regional paper of national distinction. He served as editor until , during which time the paper won a dozen Pulitzer Prizes , the first in the paper’s history. It continued to be managed by the descendants of Charles H. They were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for their work, one of several the paper has received for its investigative journalism, [18] and their work was dramatized in the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight , named after the paper’s in-depth investigative division.

In , Gammons was selected as the 56th recipient of the J.

For Barnicle, One Controversy Too Many

People think you are more sexual or less sexual or not sexual at all. People think you eat more than a woman should eat. The expectation and the reality of us do not align. Or sometimes they do.

Volume 20, Number Night Driver. When pondering the myriad of polar opposites, much like hot and cold, high and low, or fast and slow, yet another example exists with my daytime drives in route to a racetrack versus my return trips home in the dark of the night.

Mark Hodges abortion , boston globe , china , one child policy , propaganda BOSTON, November 5, LifeSiteNews — China has officially gone from a forced abortion and sterilization one child policy to a forced abortion and sterilization two child policy. While most of the free world think this is an improvement, one Boston Globe columnist is lamenting the change and says no one should have the right to give birth to more than one child.

For instance, she said, no one has the “right” to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. But again, if the cost is too great, we tell practitioners that in this case they need to amend their own ways,” she wrote. Conly concluded, “We may well be able to reduce the fertility rate without using sanctions at all, and that would, of course, be best.

To accomplish her worldwide one child policy, Conly recommended making contraception free and readily available over-the-counter. She advised giving out awards to those who have only one child, in the form of tax breaks — the exact opposite of what the State does now in helping families with the Child Tax Credit. Further, she wrote that “[w]e can provide disincentives” in the form of “tax penalties for those who have more than one child.

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