Ultimately, I went with the Mohu Sky 60 and my family loves it. However, different situations may require different TV antennas. This article will consider those variables and help you chose the best TV antenna for you or your family. First, you will need to get a signal report to see which channels are available to you. To discover the signal power in your area use this great tool from tvfool. Once you enter your address, you should receive a signal report like the one below. The channel that you see on your TV is the virtual channel. Stations do this to keep their channel brand while broadcasting on a higher powered virtual channel.

RCA ANT1450 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna – White Reviews

I will show you how in this article. In most cases, your home may have existing coaxial cable wiring already setup in the house. If you had some type of cable or dish television previously installed, you likely have most of the wiring done for you. The great part about using an over the air antenna is, you can tap into the existing wiring to plug in your HD antenna.

Installing the RCA ANT Antenna. Before you start!!! CLICK LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF ARTICLE FOR THE RCA SMALL YAGI ANTENNA USER GUIDE. Please read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION sheet included in the package your antenna was packed in.

Generated Maps For most of these sites, you enter your street address and zip code. It will then generate a map and a list of channels that you will be able to receive. It will also tell you what style antenna you will need and which way to point it. Mile Range These sites will also tell you the distance the broadcast towers are from your house. This will give you an idea of the mile range antenna you will need to pick up the stations.

Color Code As you can see in the picture below there are quite a few channels available for the area I entered. The chart is color coded and tells you what type of antenna you will need to receive the signal. Channel List This shows the available channels in the area I entered. You can see a map and channel list for yourself by using our station locator tool.

We will show you what we consider the best of the field. We will list these HD antennas by the color code system we showed in the previous graph.

How to Hook Up an RCA Digital Converter Box

Photo by Worapol Sittiphaet and used here with Creative Commons license. Click the image for the full series. For cord cutters, everything old is new again — at least when it comes to using an antenna to pick up free, over-the-air OTA TV.

Flat Digital Antenna ; Enjoy Top Free TV Broadcasting over the air! Supports P, i & p HDTV via simple connection via built in coaxial cable with removable suction cups that attach on glass or wood or on any solid surface.

A Cox Digital Cable Box will allow you to record shows. Though similar to a DVR, recording show requires different operations to work correctly. Follow these steps for successful show recording. Steps 1 Make sure that the Cox Digital Cable Box is properly connected to your television and make sure that the batteries in your remote work properly.

This button is located near the center of your Cox Digital Cable Remote. It’s on the bottom left corner where the big, circular arrow buttons are. Once you locate it, press the button. Find your television show by scrolling through the television guide. You can scroll through the television guide by pressing the numbers that correspond to the television channel number or by navigating with the arrows found at the center of the remote. By scrolling through the guide you should accomplish: Finding the Television show you want to record Locating the time you want to record the television show.

To record this show, press the record button located on the top left area of your Cox Digital Cable Remote or press the “select” button This button is in the center of the remote in between the 4 arrows 6 If you hit the record button, the confirm recording screen should pop.

How to Hook Up an RCA Digital Converter Box

Share on Facebook If you choose not to subscribe to cable or satellite TV, you can still enjoy great antenna-based TV programming. In major metropolitan areas, you can receive full high-definition Dolby Digital 5. In fact, as of June TV stations are doing away with analog signals. Over-the-air content via a digital TV antenna may be your only option if you live in a rural area and do not subscribe to satellite or cable.

Identify and examine the power adapter cord and the coaxial antenna cable for any rips tears or other defects.

Replacement Converter Box Remote Controls Go to then “Converter Box” (DIGITAL). User Manual. Key Features: Analog Pass Through; Easy Hook-up – Just Plug in Your Antenna and Connect to Your Television.

The boundaries of each band vary somewhat in different countries. To cover this range, antennas generally consist of multiple conductors of different lengths depending on the wavelength of the radio waves they receive. The elements of most antennas are half-wave dipoles ; metal rods half the wavelength of the signal they are intended to receive. The wavelength of a signal equals the speed of light c divided by the frequency.

The above range of frequencies is too wide to be covered by a single antenna, so often separate antennas for the VHF and UHF bands are used; or a combined antenna that has both VHF and UHF elements mounted on the same boom. During the last decade many countries in the world switched from broadcasting using an older analog television standard to newer digital television DTV. However generally the same broadcast frequencies are used, so the same antennas used for the older analog television will also receive the new DTV broadcasts.

Sellers often claim to supply a special “digital” or ” high-definition television ” HDTV antenna advised as a replacement for an existing analog television antenna; at best this is misinformation to generate sales of unneeded equipment, [2] [3] at worst it may leave the viewer with a UHF-only antenna in a local market particularly in North America where some digital stations remain on their original high VHF frequencies.

Indoor[ edit ] Very common “rabbit ears” indoor antenna. This model also has a loop antenna for UHF reception. Indoor antennas may be mounted on the television itself or stand on a table next to it, connected to the television by a short feedline. Due to space constraints indoor antennas cannot be as large and elaborate as outdoor antennas, and they are not mounted at as high an elevation; for these reasons indoor antennas generally do not give as good reception as outdoor antennas.

How to Split an Over The Air Antenna Signal to Multiple TV’s

On August 9, at I used to keep stacks of these in my toolbox they conveniently press together. Beware, they have two that appear nearly identical You want the one with the hollow center conductor like Ernie says , and not the one with the center pin that looks like a center pin of an RCA cable. I said the connector on the receiver, not on the adaptor, had a hollow center conductor. I only knew that the push-on adaptors came in one flavor:

Jul 30,  · This video will show you how to connect a RCA ANTR antenna to your television.

If so there are several possibilities. First you want to decide if you want an Inside Antenna or an Outside antenna. If an outside one.. Don’t take a chance on a lightning strike blowing up your radio. First a simple 20 foot wire attached to your radio will work and receive stations on your old radio..

Adding a ground wire to the radio will usually improve the signals and reduce some of the noise your hearing. In this next section you will be able to see an inside antenna that works well. If you can get a long wire up in your attic This is a grid type of antenna that is simply stapled up to the roof rafters in your attic Spacing between wires of one to two feet is fine.

Simple antenna can help kick costly cable TV habit

You can use a flat screen TV. You can use a movie projector and movie screen. Basically anything you want to use to view either TV or a movie or sports programming. This is a stereo amplifier which you can connect your speakers and subwoofer. The Home Theater in a box is a complete surround sound system in one box.

Nov 23,  · these are 2 magnavox dtv digital analog converter boxes with remotes to pick up local channels plus 2 rca antenna’s dont need them anymore i get local channels now thru dish $20 per box and $8 for 1 antenna and 15 for the other work fine nothing wrong with them at all just dont need them no more asking $25 will take $

Product Features Great quality. Modern design Adjust your seating for the party — or just for you. Simple assembly; all pieces arrive to you. The delivery was quick in the box intact, very few pieces to assemble and assembly was very simple. It looks beautiful right now and I will update my review if there is any problems but I would say buy this today! This set is a great value for the price!

It looks great and is still holding up well after regular use.

Trying to hook up an antenna (rabbit ears) for VHF am I doing wrong?

Here is our list of the 10 things you need to know about modern day digital TV antennas. Broadcast signals are superior to cable and satellite. There are no paid subscription fees to receive over-the-air OTA television, and the picture and sound quality is far superior. In addition, OTA broadcasts are free from the signal compressions used by cable and satellite giving you unadulterated high definition television. Unlock new local channels.

For reception of over-the-air digital TV signals, antennas range from one that incorporates an analog clock to a model that doubles as a picture frame. The RCA ANT indoor antenna features adjustable/retractable VHF dipoles that extend up to 39 inches and a 6-foot coaxial hookup cable.

This is an inexpensive device that will split your OTA signal into multiple sub-signals, allowing you to push free TV broadcasting to multiple TVs. So if you have a weak or marginal signal coming from your antenna, splitting it will have a negative effect. Finally the more distance the signal has to travel, the weaker the signal becomes. So fewer feet in coaxial cable, means stronger signal, equating to better picture quality. Be careful with 3-way splitters. Signal loss can vary substantially across the three outputs.

Meaning if used, two TVs could work fine, while the third would suffer from a weaker signal. I did some research and found an example of a Splitter that addresses this issue: Click here to read the reviews: As I eluded too above, we are trying to remove as many variables as possible from the installation. If successful go ahead and connect three TVs.

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The first step would be to look at what other houses in your street or suburb are doing. If they have a small antenna mount on their roof with a particular type of antenna, chances are that same configuration will work for you. In other locations, particularly hilly or mountainous terrain, more work may be required. These allow you to provide your address and a predicted reception quality will be given which takes into account the terrain and your distance from the Digital TV transmitters.

RCA Outdoor TV and Radio Antenna – Digital Signal Receiver Get the reception you need with the RCA outdoor TV and radio antenna. This antenna can receive digital HDTV and FM radio signals with a clarity and range you won’t get from less sensitive aerials.

Ensure that your components are plugged in and have their power turned on. Check Your Connections Check that your digital-to-analog converter box or digital television is connected properly. They make indoor and outdoor antennas in a variety of styles and configurations. You can adjust the length and angle of the dipoles to get the best reception and quality signals for HD TV.

This will give you the best reception. He has more than four years of experience in appliance and electrical repairs. So, there are some variables to consider that will determine your choice of omnidirectional antenna. The ReLeaf prime with small mounting holes on the top, for thumb tacks presumably, but it lacks any kind of sticky elements. But yet, most of the channel quality ranges up to p and only selected signals to produce 4K quality. If you are using an antenna that does not require power, such as rabbit ears, you may skip this step.

The advanced SmartBoost technology amplifies weak signals, basically extending the range to get more HD stations.

RCA ANT1450BR Indoor Digital Flat HDTV Amplified Antenna – Unboxing & Review – Part 1