History to Founded in by Gary Hendrix with a National Science Foundation grant, Symantec was originally focused on artificial intelligence -related projects, including a database program. The natural language system was named “The Intelligent Assistant”. Turner named it Six Pack because employees were to work six days a week, see six dealerships per day, train six sales representatives per store and stay with friends free or at Motel 6. Two employees were laid off. Eubanks also negotiated a sizable rent reduction on the office space the company had leased in the days of the original Symantec. In , Rod Turner negotiated the publishing agreement with David Whitney for Symantec’s second product, which Turner named NoteIt an annotation utility for Lotus Turner felt that the product should be marketed under a unique brand name. Turner and Gordon E. Turner chose the name Turner Hall Publishing, to be a new division of Symantec devoted to publishing third-party software and hardware.

Terracotta Army

CBS run-off legends from c. The basic matrix number which is generally the same as the catalogue number but with an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ added, indicating whether that side of the record is the ‘A’ or ‘B’ side is followed closely by a single number, which presumably refers to the ‘stamper’ or the ‘take’. The parts of the legend may be separated by hyphens or dots or they may be left blank.

Especially LPs. (An All American defensive back and quarterback in high school). Three Ways to Follow Up after she Replies to your Tinder pick-up lines.

A victim may be below the age of The domestic violence assailant must be over the age of 18 or emancipated at the time of the offense. See Paragraph C3 below for criteria for determining whether a person is emancipated. The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act does not define a victim of domestic violence by age, physical or psychological condition or sex.

A minor is considered emancipated from his or her parents when the minor: A police officer must arrest and take into custody a domestic violence suspect and must sign the criminal complaint against that person if The victim exhibits signs of injury caused by an act of domestic violence. The word, “exhibits,” is to be liberally construed to mean any indication that a victim has suffered bodily injury, which shall include physical pain or any impairment of physical condition.

Probable cause to arrest also may be established when the police officer observes manifestations of an internal injury suffered by the victim.

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Plus, this is considered a classic of the “I like the idea of country music but hate those ignorant fuckers that actually listen to country music radio” alt. You judgemental fuckers, how come ignorance is from social conditioning when non-white, but when it’s white people, for some reason it’s their own fault? I bet you don’t want them dating your daughter either, you fucking assholes.

Normale Grammophone waren, im Gegensatz zum Phonographen, nur für die Wiedergabe der Schallaufzeichnung vorgesehen. Dadurch entfiel die Spindel zur .

Sundazed SC There are grounds for arguing that Fapardokly’s sole LP isn’t so much a lost folk-rock nugget as an incoherent mess. It’s a jumble of unrelated sessions in both Hollywood and the small Southern Californian desert town of Palmdale, much of which had previously been released on singles billed to a group using an entirely different name; some of it sounds much closer to Ricky Nelson’s rockabilly than the Byrds’ heavenly chime; and it must be one of the few prized ’60s rarities where the original cover is actually uglier than the one substituted for it on its s bootleg reissue.

The album sneaked out virtually unnoticed in though one discography gives a release date of February , with only about one thousand copies pressed — about half of them, according to Fankhauser, given away. Original copies of the LP were already fetching high-three-figure sums by the early s, by which time a widely distributed bootleg had also appeared. And while it isn’t all folk-rock — in fact, upon first hearing, it almost sounds like a deliberately Zappa-ish pastiche of ’60s pop from teen idoldom to psychedelia — what folk-rock it does have rates among the finest sub-Byrdsian stuff ever done in the genre.

Clock,” which transplanted the Beatles’ “Michelle” riff into an actual ode to a cuckoo clock; “Glass Chandlier” [sic], another tripped-out scrutinization to an inanimate piece of furniture, yet pitched perfectly between harmonized folk-rock and astral psychedelia; “The Music Scene,” an atypically sour swipe against the no-talents cluttering Sunset Strip; and “Super Market,” which soars with the best of sunshine pop, though with tons more drive than that genre was wont to employ.

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Die weitere Verwendung der Texte ist nur mit Genehmigung der genannten Rechteinhaber gestattet. DVD-Premiere ist am Do. Er brachte den Wahnsinn in und um uns zum Sprechen: Januar um Januar im theater k der Kulturetage Oldenburg. Mai um

This second label, dating from mid-to-late , is identical but with two “EMI” marks, which are white with black print (reversed). No mono LPs were pressed from the “two-marks” series with the GRAMOPHONE outer rim.

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Item Details. A collection of vintage Rock LPs, primarily dating to the s, including Adam Ant Friend or Foe, Joe Jackson Look Sharp! and Graham Parker The Mona Lisa’s included are the Tubes. the Smithereens, Cock Robin, the Pretenders and more.

We want it to have an app and we want it everywhere in the house, but we also want it Instagram-ably retro, to finger through our record collection and put an album on using our hands. Principally a turntable, its built-in phono stage and analogue-to-digital converter also allows you to connect directly to powered speakers, or, as this comes from the British specialist in accessories for Sonos , a Sonos Connect to create a remarkably flexible multi-room record player.

Despite it being only so fleeting an operation, however, those few seconds are long enough to be a little disappointed by the general feel of things. Playing through our reference amplifier and speakers, we get an immediate sense of the rich timbres the VinylPlay is able to deliver. Despite being so geared toward facilitating a digital experience, it is full of analogue body and warmth without sacrificing clarity or detail. Watch how a vinyl record is made in 60 seconds The whirring synthesizers that open Reach For The Dead , for example, are satisfyingly thick, but dig out loads of the texture giving the sound its ominous intensity.

We get a nice overview of the balance as the album moves on through tracks White Cyclosa , the low-end drone holding up a delightfully solid midrange and the treble allowing the reverberating harmonics of the bell-like melody room to rise without any coarseness. It really appears to be a combination of rhythm and subtle dynamics, which leaves spikier tracks such as Bodies In Flight and Toys Toys Toys Choke, Toys Toys Toys lacking some of that thorniness by not quite emphasising the vital beats.

Verdict As a package, though, it is only a shade short of its fifth star. So four stars seems fair.

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Coral The Coral label was dark red sometimes reddish brown with silver print. Dearborn The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top.

The Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in – BCE with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife.

A few small errors Claramae Turner is Claramoe in most entries, Vivien Della Chiesa is missing her middle name, Ines Carillo is Innes a few times and after it appears to be the older Columbia-pressed Silvertone label. And I didn’t know they put out any children’s records.. I think they may have obtained material from Associated Transcriptions.. But I still don’t see anything by Nathan Milstein on Silvertone. I am way behind checking messages and hope it’s not too late to respond to Roger Kulp’s neat message, which I hope I’ve successfully forwarded.

I spent several years between and trying to compile a CSO discography. It finally had to be abandoned when nearly-then complete. It could have been a pick-up or independent local group or perhaps an orchestra maintained by radio station WGN, which did a lot of classical music and even operatic broadcasting in the forties. There might be some people still living in Chicago who might know about this.

You’ve reminded me that I must ask them. Finally, I’d love too to know about the Enesco Silvertone records in particular. I’d guess pretty confidently that they mustn’t have been been made in Chicago in or whenever because I’ve never read about him bring here at that time. But I could be wrong. And regarding Leinsdorf, is there any information about the Pilotone 78s conducted by him Haydn Symphony 45 — I don’t have the numbers and Grieg’s Holberg Suite conducted by Rudolph Ganz album set ?

Indian Constitution- Federal or Unitary

Indian Constitution- Federal or Unitary Constitution of India- Whether Federal or Unitary It has been the matter of debate among the scholars that whether the constitution of India is completely federal or unitary in nature. But actually Indian constitution contains both features of a federal constitution and unitary constitution. But for the very clear picture of this conclusion first of all we have to know that what is the federal constitution and what is unitary constitution.

What feature of Indian constitution makes it federal or what features makes it unitary.

Modifications reserved Page 7/85 OPM_LPS_33E_10K_30K_4GB_Vdoc Operating Manual LP 33 Series / kVA IMPORTANT SAFETY RULES GENERAL • Move the UPS in an upright position in its original package to the final destination room.

You can help by adding to it. January Original Confidence Inc. That November, the company began publishing a singles chart on an experimental: Like the preceding Japanese music charts provided by Tokushin Music Report which was started in , [6] early Original Confidence was an exclusive information magazine only for the people who worked in the music industry.

However, in the s, Koike willingly advertised his company’s charts to make its existence prevail among the Japanese public. Thanks to his intensive promotional efforts on the multiple media including television programs, the hit parade became known by its abbreviation “Oricon” by the late s. The company shortened its name to Oricon in and was split into a holding company and several subsidiaries in In , Hirakawachi 1-chome made Oricon history by reaching the 7th spot, making their debut, Enpitsu de tsukuru uta, the youngest J-pop male artists’ album charted in the top Policy[ edit ] Oricon monitors and reports on sales of CDs, DVDs, video games, and entertainment content in several other formats; manga and book sales were also formerly covered.

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History The mound where the tomb is located The construction of the tomb was described by historian Sima Qian —90 BCE in his most noted work Shiji , written a century after the mausoleum’s completion. Work on the mausoleum began in BCE soon after Emperor Qin then aged 13 ascended the throne, and the project eventually involved , workers.

According to this account, flowing rivers were simulated using mercury, and above them the ceiling was decorated with heavenly bodies below which were the features of the land. Some translations of this passage refer to “models” or “imitations”; however, those words were not used in the original text, which makes no mention of the terracotta army.

Vinyl LPs were the staple diet of music buffs for years. They may have died out for a while with the advent of CD, but now discerning listeners are realising that vinyl has a certain clarity and warmth that the cold, digitally processed CD cannot match.

I listen to far more Ani Difranco than you’d probably expect from a pound alcohol-fueled overeducated piece of white trash from southside Virginia, but I come by it honest. The first era of exposure to Ani Difranco music was when I was first dating my wife a long time back in Richmond, when we were both pretty different people. I was a lost ass dude crashing on couches, or in closets, or on linoleum floors, or wherever really, finishing up my last semester of college, and getting fucked up on the regular.

I dug my wife, and she dug me, but I was in the type of place where no matter how much I dug somebody, a couple percocets and a pack of PBR would sidetrack me to like another city or some shit. I was cheating on her, and cheating on the girl I was cheating on her with, and cheating everything I could, straight up con man for the only time I’ve been that in my life, at least that proudly.

I guess I’ve always been a con man because most folks tend to think a lot higher of me than I know myself to be. But at that point, I was wide open, and you could’ve just replayed the hook to “Self Destruction” by KRS One and friends real faintly in the background all the time, because it would’ve made sense. I wouldn’t have heard it though. Anyways, a date for me and my wife back then usually entailed getting an pack of Budweiser in cans and pointing one of our vehicles out of that fucking cesspool of Richmond, usually either east on Route 5 or head down 60 into Goochland and into Cumberland County, where my dad grew up.

Probably that’s why we ended up together years after even my cheating ways, because it was in those momentary escapes we could see what was really underneath all the grit and grime of being young and lost in a goddamned shithole of a city. These times, the wife, who was just a chick I kinda loved but couldn’t stay true to, she’d be pumping the Ani Difranco, singing in her way that she sings that I steal hear all the time and can hear in our kids when they let it loose, and the songs made perfect sense.

I was a complete piece of shit, and I knew it, but you don’t want to admit it.

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Soviet recordings This summary of the Melodiya numbering system may help to explain some of the discrepancies in catalogue numbers between this discography and other lists, and the extent to which the numbers are useful for dating recordings. The USSR recording industry was a state monopoly from until the late s. The Melodiya label was introduced in , but brought no change in the numbering sequence.

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From that point on, I was hooked. Or, I was at least a crypto enthusiast. I learned as much as I could about blockchain and related technologies emerging during those years, and we made quite a few investments at my venture fund, CrunchFund. Nearly a year ago I turned things up to I began investing in token offerings — sometimes called ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings — and also invested a significant percentage of my personal net worth into building a portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Investors contribute XRP to the fund, not dollars or other fiat currency. All distributions, fees, etc.

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