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The Caretaker [v ] Year After the explosion occurred years earlier, the human race has evolved to the point of using human and cybernetic bodies simply by shifting its consciousness through the use of advanced brain skills.

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Fry , commonly known simply by his surname Fry , is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the animated sitcom Futurama. He is voiced by Billy West using a version of his own voice as he sounded when he was He is the best friend and roommate of Bender and the boyfriend of Turanga Leela. Character overview Born in the 20th century in New York City , Fry is depicted as a dimwitted manchild in his 20s, though the episode ” The Luck of the Fryrish ” seems to imply he was 25 at the time of his freezing.

He is a pizza delivery boy who, during the last few seconds of the year , falls into a cryogenic tank while delivering a pizza to Applied Cryogenics. He remains frozen until the last day of the year

Play With Naked Leela! One of the main character from the animated television series Futurama, Turanga Leela, or simply Leela, finally appeared on the screens absolutely naked (except for one small leaf between her fantastic legs)!

Entertaining episodes of the show. These are the last episodes because it was canceled. I still enjoy animated movies and cartoons. I got hooked on The Simpsons about ten years and have been the show ever since. In , Futurama, another animated show created by Matt Groening, began to air. Unfortunately, this was one of the shows that FOX canceled too soon after bouncing it around the schedule for a few years. I recently watched Futurama – Volume 3. Futurama was set 1, years in the future in New New York.

He was thawed out 1, years later and then had to adjust to living in a strange new world. His adjusting to the future was the main focus of the first season and that also played a part in the second season. Fry met Bender, a somewhat sarcastic robot, and the two ended up working at Planet Express, the delivery company that Professor Hubert J.

Leela, a one-eyed alien was actually the first person that Fry saw when he was thawed out.

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Overview[ edit ] Fry and Leela develop a very close friendship over the years. Early on, they find that they have loneliness in common, and they save each other from peril many times. On the surface, Leela seems largely uninterested in Fry, but there are many signs that she is attracted to him unconsciously. Unfortunately, although she has feelings for him, she is very turned off by his childishness, a theme that continues throughout their relationship.

Sep 04,  · Fry and Leela’s Big Fling. Season 7, Episode June 19, Fry and Leela’s romantic getaway goes awry when their vacation spot turns out to be an alien zoo.

Character overview[ edit ] Born in the 20th century in New York City , Fry is depicted as a dimwitted manchild in his 20s. He remains frozen until the last day of the year He then meets the one-eyed cryogenics counselor and his-soon-to-be wife, Leela and the cigar-smoking, alcoholic , kleptomaniac robot Bender. Together, they are employed by Fry’s distant nephew, the senile and demented old scientist Professor Farnsworth , as the crew of his delivery company Planet Express.

Fry’s parents are Yancy Fry, Sr. It is later revealed that Fry’s family on his father’s side is from New Mexico. In the past Fry had an older brother named Yancy; a dog named Seymour ; and a girlfriend named Michelle who dumped him in the first episode, ” Space Pilot “, just before he was frozen. Fry had a lifelong sibling rivalry with his older brother Yancy, due to Fry’s perception that Yancy steals everything from him and vice versa.

Depictions of Fry’s family in early episodes showed them as extremely dysfunctional, with a neglectful mother and borderline-abusive father. Later seasons, however, depicted them as much closer and, while still dysfunctional, more loving and attentive, with Fry’s father treating him harshly to ensure he grew up tough.

He Waited For Him!: 5 ‘Futurama’ Episodes That Made ‘Futurama’ Fans Cry

December edited December Watched it last night finally. Regarding Seymour, this doesn’t lessen his loyalty any, since in the original timeline he still waited twelve years for a Fry that never returned. Having Fry go back to his loyal pet was a touching moment, and it’s really a testament to the show that a simple scene showing him patting Seymour on the head could be so powerfully emotional.

The Scammer aliens were really just kind of annoying, and not funny at all. And the scenes with Bender stealing shit then coming up from the basement seemed to go on too long. I immediately knew Lars was voiced by the same guy as Fry and I thought it was odd that their face shape was so similar, since Groening has done such a good job making characters distinct in Futurama.

Fry had a convoluted love life, if his relation with Leela wasn’t complicated enough, he also managed the outstanding feat of being his own grandfather.

Uncle Bender tells a story Work Text: Love among the Meatbags “Uncle Bender, how did we become a family? The pickings were slim, so I decided to find a hot robo-slut for the evening. So I head over to the saucy robo-puppet show. The Judi model is really saucy with anybody who has money for oil. The good stuff not the cheap kind from Omicron Persii 9. Meanwhile back at Planet Express all the usual suspects were there. We have a delivery on Mars. We’re going to the Wong estate.

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Professor Farnsworth joins a gang of street-racing punks. Episode 2 Fry and Leela’s Big Fling Bender gains the ability to self-replicate, threatening to overrun Earth with vast swarms of copies of himself. Episode 3 When Bender dies, his disembodied software begins haunting the Planet Express building.

Shop futurama t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality futurama t-shirts on the internet. bender, fry, leela, professor-farnsworth New New York, it’s Pabst Blue Robot! Pabst Blue Robot is brewed in the finest traditions of an Earthican Premium Lager dating back to This version of.

The things in parentheses are the episode titles that I based the references on. The Nibblonians come into existence. Emperor Nimballa rules over Zuban 5. Intelligent cats from Thuban 9 land in ancient Egypt. A time-traveling Bender steals the Mona Lisa for the Scamedonians. Fry becomes his own grandfather. Pete’s TV is founded. Fry catches a cold while ice fishing with his father.

Fry meets the dog he names “Seymour”. They collide shortly thereafter and become V-Giny. Fry disrupts the broadcast of the season finale of Single Female Lawyer. He falls into a cryo-tube and is frozen for a thousand years.

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She’s stuck in an infinite loop and he’s an idiot. Well, that’s love for you. Humans dating robots is sick. You people wonder why I’m still single? It’s ’cause all the fine robot sisters are dating humans!

In September, , Standard Issue launched as a smart and witty online magazine for women by women, covering everything that interests women – ie celebrity tittle tattle, no photoshopping, no calorie counting, no cellulite circling. Just honest, good, interesting and funny writing from a bunch of cracking broads.

It turns out to be on TV. Fry comes in and tells them he saw something amazing. But they all say they feel like that all the time. So Leela suggests they do it. Fry destroys a planet, then asks to go to the edge of the universe. After they look at the parallel universe, Fry rides a dinosaur. He wants to be romantically linked to a celebrity. Leela suggests they use the internet to download a celebrity. The Proffesor tells Fry that Lucy Liu is programmed to like her.

She nags Fry to register her. Fry is intoxicated her even though she is so obviously a bot. Fry says she is just like her movies, she says her personality is based on her movies, proportionally weighted by box office success.

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Development[ edit ] Their relationship first appeared in ” A Flight to Remember ” when Amy lies to her parents telling them that she is dating Fry, and he starts to have fake relationships with both Leela and Amy. After the relationship ended, Leo and Inez found Amy a new boyfriend, a green squishy boy a. They have a lot of fuel-consuming fun with the new car and run out of fuel in a desolate area, where they are stuck for a few hours. They get into talking and realize they have a lot in common, and they end up sleeping with each other.

Their relationship doesn’t last long when Fry’s head gets attached to Amy’s body and she starts seeing someone else Gary.

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It has to be Yeah, I know what Futurama is. Futurama is what the world looks like in the 31st century, or nine hundred and something years from now. I should know, because I saw it all myself. There were talking lobsters, and a one-eyed alien that looked exactly like a human but was really a mutant. And I met my year-old nephew that could travel through time but only forward so we went forward until we were really going backwards. Then there was a three-eyed monkey thing that was really a superintelligent alien with a booming voice.

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Fry and Leela “My Soulmate is gone, why should I go on living? Fry and Turanga Leela are from the animated series Futurama. Fry was a lowly pizza delivery man who was accidentally cryogenically frozen on New Years Eve and awoke years in the future. Leela, who lived her whole life thinking she was an alien abandoned on Earth by her parents, was working a dead-end job placing other people in the workforce when she met Fry. He didn’t want to be a delivery boy his entire life, and she realized that “You gotta do what you gotta do” was not a motto to live by.

Prepare to be transported to the year for the return of Fry, Bender, Leela and the usual cast of twelve-dimensional space monsters. Back by popular demand, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s brilliantly subversive animated sci-fi comedy Futurama debuts its ninth season.4/5().

Random Quote I Dated a Robot Fry realises that he can live out all his fantasies in the future, and his friends take him on a tour of the universe. He wants to be romantically linked with a celebritity, so Leela gives him the idea of downloading a celebrity from the internet. They go to ‘nappster’ and Fry decides on Lucy Liu, downloading her into a blank robot. He is delighted with her, as she is in love with him and loves everything he does and says.

They do everything together and he becomes more and more obsessed with her. His friends are worried, and Bender doesn’t like him dating a robot. They decide to confront him, showing him a video about dating robots, but he ignores them. They elect to shut down nappster. The crew rescue the real Lucy Liu, and the owners of kid nappster set an army of Lucy Lius on them, set to ‘erotic assasin’ mode. Thet follow the crew to a cinema where Fry is watching a movie with the LiuBot, who is acting normally.

Futurama – Fry Caught in bed with Amy